A Sailor Looks at Leadership

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  2. "A Sailor Looks at Leadership [review] / Deering, Randy" by Garth Woodruff
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More recently, she skippered a mixed gender youth team in the edition of Volvo Ocean Race. How does the pioneering sailor maintain her focus and lead a diverse team through changing tides? Read on to find out.

Management Lessons from 17th Century Pirates - Steve On Leadership

I was happy as a school teacher, but soon realized that the big decisions you make are those which you grab with both hands. The year before, I was on the Global Challenge race. We had 12 identical boats, I was the only female skipper, and our crew were amateur sailors who had paid for the opportunity to lose themselves, to find themselves, to find other people. We were taking them around the world westward, against the prevailing winds and currents. Towards the end of the race we were in Cape Town with a 7,mile leg across the Atlantic to Boston ahead of us.

By then, my crew had learned a great deal and got confident to question our decisions. Also, only men had ever done it, so a big catalyst for me was the opportunity to do a world first. Three months after finishing the Global Challenge, in November I set off solo and did what was my impossible voyage at the time. Sure, 98 percent is good, but what about the 2 percent?

You have to find your strength from within. A high-performing team is all about consistency — constantly ironing out highs and lows. Open and honest communication is important. Sharing good news is easy.

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Then it also becomes a case of not letting the team get discouraged by bad news. If one person reacts negatively, it has a knock-on effect on others. The tiniest thing might wind somebody up, and you need to identify issues before they escalate.

"A Sailor Looks at Leadership [review] / Deering, Randy" by Garth Woodruff

That awareness is critical, I think, as a leader. Everybody has the same goal, after all. Always exercise open communication. Make a list, be proactive in your goals, and enjoy the sense of achievement. Another tip is to use positive language. A good management tool is to be positive, prioritize, and focus on things you can action.

Has to be starting. I love the preparation, the training, the nervous anticipation of start day. The end of a race is actually quite sad. In the short term, the power and the momentum behind the plastic message is huge. Also, I want to keep going out and doing something special. You will receive an email to approve your comment. It will only appear after your confirmation. You are almost done.

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We sent you a confirmation email. Please click the activation link within the email to complete your subscription. It seems like the email address extra has already been registered. If you cannot find the confirmation mail in your inbox, please check your spam folder or contact us. Oh no! Deering, a theologian with Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees, has a tendency to treat the connection of leadership and christianity as assumed until the last section of the last chapter. A Sailor Looks at Leadership can be viewed from two different paradigms.

Military offers inspections, promises better service in reaction to substandard housing

One would be that the book is for someone new to the concept of leadership, that it gives a general overview in a non-threatening tone to introduce a reader to a very complex set of topics. In such a complex field as leadership, seldom do you find a book that not only attempts to simplify concepts but succeeds.

  • "A Sailor Looks at Leadership, by Randy Deering" by Garth Woodruff.
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